Who is Guglielmo Rinaldini

Hrh Prince Guglielmo Rinaldini

WHO IS GUGLIELMO RINALDINI Born in May 3th of 1964 under the sign of Taurus and the star Gamma Andromedae. At the age of 13 years he was initiated to Gnostic-Rosicrucians through the vision of the Rose of Crystal and he begins to studied the books of the esotericist George Ivanovich Gurdjieff.  Until all the ’80 studied privately and is also formed at the University of Bologna where he received excellent degrees in matters as Psychology (30/30), Sociology (27/30), Mass Media – Communications(29/30), Aesthetic Philosophy (30/30). Until the 80’s years Guglielmo Rinaldini studied privately and also at the University of … Continua a leggere